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Fall/Winter 2013-14 League Results

We Are The Champions!

Fall/winter league action wraps up in May and we have winners to announce.

Coastal Rollers — Divas ‘n da Gutter: Jessie Escobar, Claudia Cabrera, Cher Felice,and Tina Gonzalez.

Happy Timers — The Coasters: Nati Miranda, Kim Jacks and Kay Peterson.

Sirs & Sirettes — 2 Gals and a Guy: Barbara Scarpa, Jean Brownell and Don Anderson.

Matinee Madness: Cori Austin, Vanessa Smith, Nat Plumlee, Adrian Treadgold, Matt Schumaker.

Early Birds — Toyota Torpedoes: Scott Prunella, Nathan Urbancic, Jim Martinez, Steve Vollers and Dan Urbancic.

Wednesday Niters — Six Feet Under: Chris Boulerice, George Marciel, Steve Perez and Martin Zesati.

Duel of Forces — Rat Bastards: Rick Damer, Mary Swafford, Pat Adams and Sam Carter.

Thursday Niters — Let’s Roll: Greg Dolder, Bob Vasconcellos, Dave Athenour, Andrzej Waclawik.

Gamblers Express — Purple Cobras: Cassim Gaston, Emily Beadnell and Ben Sussman.

Krazy's — Big Hitters: Anthony Godbout, Jenna Barbour, Hayden Bahni, and Josh Mundy.

league photo

Early Birds League Champions

league photo

Early Birds League Champions

league photo

Wednesday Niters League Champions

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Gamblers Express League Champions

league photo

Krazy's League Champions